Our business

Arasy produces, processes and exports many agro-industrial products, grown naturally within community supported sustainable agriculture.

Besides offering to the producers certified organic seeds according to the guidelines of high standard, we provide them with

supplies, technical support, credit and training in conventional and organic standards and policies, because as part of our philosophy, we believe that our activities should enable to cover their cost of production, cost of living and to be invested for their own development.


We believe in the power of the community and we are positive that working together we can acomplish more.

The company


We are dedicated to supply raw material, processing services and finished products, solutions that support the business and the needs of our clients, improving the quality of life of our entire community not only in the present but also in the long run.


We are a company dedicated to social development. We attract good businesses, inspiring people and customers with ideas and simple services to meet the needs of everyone of them with the best products.


Our values

Five values are the qualities that distinguish us; they guide us to keep doing our daily work and support our business principles.

we can do more



We want to be succesfull and we are possitive that the only way to achieve this is by working in an ideal environment.

An important part of our work is to fulfill the agreements we have with the whole supply chain, in order to keep our costumers satisfied.

We believe in the power of the community, and we are possitive that we can be greater as long as we work together.

We believe in trust as a way of building long-lasting relationships, and this is why we work hard to do a perfect job.

we work with MORE THAN




Our program consists of working together all year long, rotating crops in order to preserve the quality of the soil, increase the growers income in more than 50% , and improve their lifestyles.

5 - 7

AVERAGE Small-Holder’s family members


grower’s income per capita increase


Organic certifications

Quality certifications


largest exporter of sesame largest exporter of chia largest exporter of cotton High social impact
Our achievements:


We’d be more than

happy to talk.

Join Us

The live has taught us the importance of talented and committed people. As a growing company, we are constantly on the lookout for people who can help us keep the organization renewed and vibrant. We offer competitive benefits, lots of challenges and a culture that values progress but respects tradition.

If you are interested in obtaining further information on these positions or applying, please contact our Human Resources department at info@arasy.com.py.

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